Monday, October 10, 2011


After a while, i found that my life has changed so much.

Too many changes in my the blink of an eye, everything is not like before. Maybe it was a stage in life.

I guess it's a normal thing for everyone to change. For the better cause. But some changes might lead to some sacrifice and of such change, maybe we will lose the precious things in life...the "Friendship".

So, what friendship means?

Friendship starts from acquaintance with someone we encounter in life, no matter it is a coincidence or planned. From it, we make a bond with other person and finally he or she become our friend.

Friendship has many challenges. The friendship between a man and a woman sometimes or usually being misinterpreted by the others. As they thought there's might be something going on with the two of them.

Friendship that built from the foundation of sincerity and honesty (i'm not good with it) shares many memories. From that, we can assess who we are in their eyes. A friend is the person who we know and have less connection with. A good friend always give us a good advise. A best friend is always there for matter what is the condition, happy or sad.

I have confession to be made, i'm a TERRIBLE friend.

I didn't proud or shame about it because i have HURT someone that very dear to closest friend, my best friend, my english-teacher, my grammar corrector, my pronunciation debater, my gossiping partner, my movie companion...and my dearest friend. We laugh, we teased, we joke, we jog, we hangout, we fight, we shared...anything that happens without any secrecy. But now, but now i have made a mistake. A BIG MISTAKE. I have let my dear friend down.

My dear friend...i know it is too late for me to explain anything. I know any words now doesn't do any good. My mistake is mine alone to carry with, to live with. In your mind maybe i'm a coward. In your thought maybe i'm a liar. But know this, i never ever intend to hurt your feeling. Sigh, you might call it as an excuse for me to undo my wrong doing, but if you do know me better, you will understand and probably forgiving me for i am just a human being.

I'm no good in words, bad in grammar and certainly i'm not a GOOD friend. My weakness is when i do drastic decision without any thought that my decision would probably leading me to an empty spaces. Honestly, i DO MISS all the time with my dear friend. I really do...but now, everything has changed.


Apai Kenyalang said...

Just be true to yourself and leave the rest to fate. Have faith and courage that everything happens for a reason (sounds familiar?). From a friend to another. Cheers bro.

BOAN said...

thanks for the advice & thanks for dropping by :)